October 25, 2006

the politics of envy

Have a look at this article wreaking of jealosy in the Guardian for an archtypical example of the politics of envy. Apparently everybody is so stupid that they can only imagine something enjoyable if they are shown it on TV, and if they then cannot afford this then mass depression will ensue. Hence why nothing fun must be shown, ever.

Why be jealous of them jetting off to exotic places? There is plenty of fun to be had at home. I personally opt to orgy with the charming and beautiful people, and enough drugs to wire the entire chinese olympic team. Don't be envious of second home owners, be happy for their sucess. While you engage in sex acts that they (and most doctors) would not imagine physically possible. But this is the Guardian so what they could not imagine is that it is physically possible to be happy for somebody else's sucess. Probably because they can't get laid.


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